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The sun is alone too, and it's still shining

Boho jewelry
It's okay to be alone As a strong independent woman I have come to a realization that it is OKAY to be alone. Hanging out with friends, going on da...

7 ways to kick ass from the moment you wake up

7 ways to kick ass from the moment you wake up
A morning routine sets the tone for your WHOLE day. The best morning routines are ones that align with what’s most important to you. Creating a routine that is crafted specifically to your goals and values is key to an effective start to your day!

How to Feel Confident on your First Day of Work

A complete guide to feeling confident on your First Day of work.

Stop Spending Time with People that Slow you Down & Start Living Life with Intention

Do you ever wake up in the morning wondering how your life got to this point? Your job is your college-day nightmare in real time, your house is a...