Why Sustainability?

Some of you may not know this but I studied sustainability when I was in college. After graduating college, I was obsessed with saving the planet but had no idea how I could make a difference. After a few years of thinking about how the earth functions as a whole, I started to see the importance of trees.

My Inspiration

Did you know that every 1.2 seconds man destroys an area of forest the size of a football field? According to 46% of the world's forests are already destroyed. I look at the trees as earth's lungs. Without trees and plants to remove the CO2 and pollution in the air, humans, animals and nature cannot exist.

My Why

When I started my jewelry business, I had a hard time understanding how I could incorporate my passion of jewelry and sustainability. Originally I wanted to send a tree seed in every order but my mom told me people would not likely take the time to plant the seeds…So I started researching and found that there were others like me that loved trees. I found non profits who’s missions were to plant trees. My whole body was tingling when I started to think about helping replant trees. I thought that MAYBE, just maybe i could help make a difference. Since starting Cecelia, I am proud to say that our retail partner, website customers and art show customers over the years have helped us plant over 100,000 trees. This is a milestone that we could not have done without you! So cheers to YOU for your continued support and here is to another 100,000 trees. (October, 2020)


How We Give Back

Since the beginning of Cecelia in 2015, you have helped us to plant over 75,000 trees. We have worked with One Tree Planted and Trees for the Future to plant trees in areas that have been devastated by natural disaster and deforestation.

Sustainable Business Practices  

In addition to planting one tree for each piece of jewelry sold, we base all of our business practices in the roots of sustainably. We try our best to eliminate the use of plastic in our packaging and have implemented as much recyclable material and biodegradable paper products in our packaging, to positively impact our carbon footprint

 Sustainable Packaging

All of our jewelry packaging is made from recycled Kraft paper, including all of our jewelry hang tags and packaging materials. We use compostable mailers, recycled newspapers and second use packaging on all of our orders, in order decrease our carbon footprint. Our retail drawstring bags have been designed with reusability in mind.