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caring for your jewelry


All gold and silver plated jewelry should be removed before washing your hands, showering, cleaning, exercising and should be worn cautiously when applying certain beauty products and lotions. With most jewelry, certain chemicals will harm your metals and beads. In order to maintain the shine on your jewelry, do not come in contact with sunscreens, lotions, perfumes, makeup, hairspray, hair products, etc. In order to prevent the loss of your earrings, make sure to wear the rubber backs that come with your earrings. If you lose the rubber backs at anytime, we are more then willing to mail you free backs or direct you in the right direction to purchasing these at a store near you. 


fine jewelry care

Many pieces of our jewelry are handmade with silver plated beads. We have observed techniques in caring for your silver plated jewelry and continue to learn new things! If you do not wear your jewelry often and store your jewelry in the open, the oxygen in the air will cause your silver to tarnish. If you simply wear your lightly tarnished jewelry, the silver tube beads will become shiny again. You can also take a dry suede cloth and polish the silver plated beads by hand to remove heavily tarnished spots.