Girl Boss

I am so excited to be starting a new venture for women who have always dreamed of owning their own business. Become part of our Cecelia Jewelry Team and take charge of your financial success! We are currently looking for women who have always wanted to start their own business but have always been unsure of what they could do. We are creating an answer to your problem! If you have a passion for inspiring others by promoting self confidence in other women, you are the Girlboss for the job. I am currently seeking 50 women in the United States to represent Cecelia Jewelry.

With our new Girlboss movement, you will be given a set of tools and guidelines to help you jumpstart the success of your new business. These basic principals will help you maximize your time efficiently in the beginning stages of growing your business. You will set your own schedule attending art shows and maintaining client and business relationship in your state. If you set the bar for your achievements high, you will most defiantly succeed in the fashion and retail industry. Hard work is highly rewarded in this industry.

Help share our mission of sustainability, while inspiring other women to search within for self understanding, confidence and love. Become part of our amazing new branch at Cecelia Jewelry! To apply for this position, email for an application. All applications are reviewed and cover letters are highly recommended. Why are you the right fit!?


  • Highly ambitious
  • Resilience. Not afraid to fail, for success is not luck, it is hard work!
  • Entrepreneur spirt. Always wanted to start your own business
  • A background in sales is beneficial to you, but not required. We will equip you will all the tools you need to become successful in your new venture.
  • Willingness to work, we are not looking for women who are lazy and want to take short cuts. Hard work is highly rewarded in this industry.
  • Goal Oriented
  • Creative energy. We are always looking to improve and streamline processes. If you have new and creative ideas, speak up!
  • Self confidence
  • Determination
  • Creative eye
  • Basic knowledge of online sales and marketing.
  • Basic knowledge of social media marketing