The sun is alone too, and it's still shining

It's okay to be alone

As a strong independent woman I have come to a realization that it is OKAY to be alone. Hanging out with friends, going on dates, being in a relationship, having a girls night are all things we need to do every once in a while, however, there are so many amazing ideas, places, and things to do on your own.

Pack a bag and go

Traveling somewhere new is a perfect way to make your own decisions on what sights to see, where to eat and what activities to do. Often we end up compromising what we truly would like to see, eat and do when we travel with others.

Treat yourself

Schedule yourself a spa/pampering day. What better way to celebrate a day to yourself like a day of pampering. This doesn’t have to be expensive either. Go to target, buy a facemask, a nice candle, throw in a bath bomb and find your favorite color of nail polish and call it your own “spa day”.

Get lost in the words

I am not much of a reader but one thing I can do is get lost in a bookstore, even a library. A perfect way to spend a day on your own is to go to a close Barnes and Noble or library, explore, and lose track of time.

Sit back and relax

Who loves to people watch? This is something that I could do all day. There are so many different people in this world that make life interesting. Going to a park or the nearest mall, sit back and enjoy the free entertainment of the sweet, funny, sometimes-crazy things others will do. It can even give you a chance to step back and appreciate the smaller things in life.

Get it girl

Okay, who doesn’t love to get dressed up, put on your best makeup, curl your hair and take some bad ass selfies? This should probably be something that doesn’t happen all that often but how fun is it to put on your best outfit and take cute photos of yourself that you actually like? There is no one there to judge or make weird faces at you. It’s just YOU. Maybe even share a photo or two if you’re really feelin’ yourself!

Find peace in the quiet

Get your booty outside. Spend some time with Mother Nature, watch the sunrise, watch the sunset, pick some daisies, and embrace the quiet.

Be your own professional chef

Not a great cook? Go to a cooking class! Learn how to make a killer meal, and eat it all on your own. There is no one to be disappointed in your meal other than you, and no one has to know! Bake a cake and yes, eat it all by yourself.

Find the beauty in alone time

Go somewhere new, treat yourself, spend hours in a book, step back and watch your surroundings, snap a few pictures, go for a hike or eat a whole cake by yourself but whatever you do make sure to know that IT IS OKAY TO BE ALONE AND DO THINGS BY YOURSELF!