7 ways to kick ass from the moment you wake up

7 ways to kick ass from the moment you wake up

7 ways to kick ass from the moment you wake up

Develop a routine and STICK with it

A morning routine sets the tone for your WHOLE day. The best morning routines are ones that align with what’s most important to you. Creating a routine that is crafted specifically to your goals and values is key to an effective start to your day!

Make that messy bed everyday

Right off the bat, making your bed will give you a sense of accomplishment even though it may be a small task, a small task can turn into many more tasks throughout the day. Making your bed is just a small reminder to appreciate the little things in life.

make your bed everyday

Only 16oz!

Your body is made of a whopping 72% of water. After 8 to 10 (maybe 11 for some of you sleepy heads) hours of no water, it’s time to refuel that beautiful figure of yours! By drinking a 16oz glass of water each morning it fires up your metabolism, hydrates you, flushes out toxins and fuels the brain for the rest of the day. Wow, what a perfect and easy way to start the day off right.

Unglue yourself from your cellphone

We are constantly checking, updating, tweeting, refreshing, commenting, pintresting, facebooking, etc. By giving into our phones immediately after waking up we are bombarding ourselves with distractions completely scattering our brain from any time to ourselves. Wake up, don’t look at your phone for 30 minutes and see what happens to that first 30 minutes of your day.

Read a chapter of your favorite book

Pick out your favorite book (mine being You Are a Badass) and read a chapter. Use that 30 minutes of no phone zone to READ.

read your favorite book

Eat a breakfast of champions

Everybody knows breakfast is the most important meal of the day. Making time for breakfast may not always be the easiest thing in the world, so give yourself time to get up and make a killer breakfast for yourself and a significant other, a husband or wife, or even your kiddos (or just yourself)

breakfast of champions

Get moving

Aside from ALL the health benefits of working out in the morning, it will help get your butt out of bed for all the not so “morning people”. It doesn’t have to be long and rigorous, keep it short and simple. This will make you feel 100% better about yourself knowing you have already accomplished something so amazing at just the beginning of your day.

For those of you who don’t know what self-affirmations are, they are positive statements that help you overcome negative thoughts throughout the day. As you repeat them over and over, you start to believe in them and make positive changes in yourself. Say these affirmations in your head, out loud, write them on a piece of paper, on a post-it in your car, on your mirror you use to get ready in the morning, anywhere that you will constantly be reminded of these positive thoughts.

6 affirmations to promise yourself everyday

  1. I am smart
  2. I am beautiful
  3. Today, I give myself permission to be greater than my fears
  4. I am amazing
  5. What other people think of me DOES NOT make me who I am
  6. I am strong

daily affirmations


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